Freedom is a state of mind, which is achieved with effort, and many will try to steal you it»

Pedro Muñoz Lorite

My work is based on the defense of free enterprise, private initiative and the market economy; assuming the task of making new generations of lawyers aware of the role of the company, the entrepreneur, markets, investors, suppliers, clients and consumers in a free, democratic society with economic and social progress.

It is therefore essential to consider education as a fundamental pillar for the global society as a whole.

As Adam Smith understood it, the school must be an institution dedicated to the cultural training of the population, regardless of the needs of the labor market. The liberal school has to provide a good social and academic instruction, which through the establishment of rules and discipline to be assimilated by every student, will create among all a good and correct functioning of the academic environment and society as a whole.

How to understand the law?

A distinctive feature of a lawyer is his or her high capacity to solve legal problems. It is useless to boast to clients with the name of a large law firm if behind that firm there is not a strong will to achieve the proposed objectives.

Therefore, the best plan of action in law is the one that is executed. The law must be complete and coherent, in the sense that it must contain a solution to every problem.

Furthermore, the preparation and training of a lawyer in the humanistic field is of vital importance so that he/she can have a global and appropriate perspective of the matters in which he/she intervenes, not only at the legal level.